Standard poodles – Parti poodle puppies

Standard poodles – Parti poodle puppies!

We are happy to say that all of the pups below have found a loving home!

Born on the 18th of June 2014: 7 parti poodle puppies!

Mother and children are doing great. The litter consists of lovely interesting colours. Some of the pups are still free for adoption. Puppies are born and raised in the living room amongst all family business. They will be vaccinated, dewormed and chipped.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Parti poodle puppies
Parti poodle puppies
Parti poodle puppies
Parti poodle puppies


Parti poodle puppies
Parti poodle puppies







Two weeks of age

The ears and eyes have opened. Yesterday they had their first de-worming. Starting to be real dogs…

multicolored standard poodle puppy multicolored standard poodle puppy multicolored standard poodle puppy multicolored standard poodle puppy multicolored standard poodle puppy standard parti poodle puppies standard parti poodle puppies standard parti poodle puppies

Breed  characteristics of the standard poodles – Parti poodles

standard poodles - parti poodles


The standard poodle is an intellectual dog. It’s active, alert and walks like a king. The standard poodle is loyal, has a high ability to learn and is easy to train. This makes the standard poodle a very nice companion.


According to the breed characteristics of the standard poodle – parti poodle, there are a couple of colors in which it may appear: white, black, apricot, gray/ silver, brown solid colors. Next to these colors there are the parti poodles and the reds. These colors are not allowed according to the dutch breeding standard.


Standard are : 45 tot 60 cm with a 2 cm. marge.

the coat:

The poodle-fur is long, curly and doesn’t shed. Because the new hairs grow in between the old hairs, the coat forms knots. I’s essential that you brush the coat at least once a week. It also needs a regular trim to shorten the hair. If you don’t brush the dog will get very warm in summer. When the dog roams the forest of leash a lot, you’re happy with a shorter coat.


The standard poodle is a physical healthy breed. they don’t cope with a lot of hereditary diseases. Parent dogs should be tested for HD, PRA and von Willebrand’s disease. They love to run and play and thrive on hour long walks every day. Do not take your dog for a play on a full stomach. It may suffer from stomach bloat from which he dies very quick..

The breeder should give the pup his first vaccination at 6 weeks of age. After that, the pus gets his next vaccination at 9 and 12 weeks of age. When the dog has to go abroad, it needs a rabies vaccination. A kennel cough vaccination is necessary when going to puppy school ar a kennel. Until his last vaccinations, it’s best not to take the pup to places where you know nothing about the health of the other dogs.
The poodle needs regular deworming. Ask your vet for the newest methods.

Saying I heard:

I was walking my two standard poodles and our tibetan Terrier one day. i met a young boy and his mum. The boy said:”look mum, this lady has two poodles and a dog!”

Standard poodles – Parti poodles

A Parti poodle is a poodle which is multi colored. A lovely example is the Harlequin type. This is a poodle in the colors; White and: black, brown, red, grey/silver and Brindle. Most common are white and black and white and brown. The picture below shows a handsome Harlequin standard poodle. A variety is, the Tuxedo parti poodle, in which the poodle is white and has a dark marking that looks as if he’s wearing a Tuxedo jacket.

Brindle is another color to appear in a part poodle. The color is more common in breeds like Danes, Boxers, Mastiffs etc. Brindle can show up as any color but the unique characteristic that makes it ‘brindle’ are the tiger stripes!

Parti poodle

Another variety of the parti poodle is the tanned poodle. With the tan, the dog’s body is a solid color and he shows tanned spots above the eyes, at the cheeks, the front and hind legs and under the tail. Most of the tanned poodles are Black and tan, in this variety the tan is red/brown. The tan can be lighter of color like creme or caramel. A lovely tan color is the brown and tan. (The puppy on the right in the picture.)

muti-gekleurede koningspoedel
tan colored poodle puppies


Brindle and white standard poodle

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  1. Hallo,

    Wij hebben een lieve boefdoodle. Die wij graag willen laten dekken door een poedel.
    Ofbweet u misschien een boefdoedel reu die dit kan en wil?

    Met vriendelijke groet, mascha lemans

  2. Hello!
    Do you still breed poodle in different colours?
    I am located in middle of Sweden. Where are you located?
    I am searching for a new best friend to the family.

    Please let me know if you plan any puppies soon, or if you know anyone who does.
    Best regards
    Louise Skålberg

    • Hello Louise,
      We’re living in the southern part of the Netherlands. we still do breed poodles but we normally don’t sell to people living in another country due to the Rabieslegislation.

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